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Walking Four Paths

Originally posted on Where The Gods Lie Dreaming:
by Grant Smuts Every story has a villain. This one’s mine. The Forgotten House of Callister Born Sheoul of the house of…

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DC’s Underrated Heroes: Martian Manhunter

“I am Mars’ sole survivor. There is a reason for that.”
Martian Manhunter telepathically imparts that he too is one of DC’s most underrated heroes.

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DC’s Underrated Heroes: Katana

One of the finest anti-heroines, Katana is Troll’s no. 4 pick for the most underrated heroes in the DC universe

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Troll Magazine Star Wars Edition

Troll Magazine is back!!! IT’S OUR STAR WARS SPECIAL EDITION. Strap in, yourself and your droid, and GET READY!
Star Wars fanfiction, a deathmatch between two of its biggest badasses, Star Wars gaming, How To Build Your Own Lightsaber, Trivia on Jedi and Sith, a profile on Kylo Ren and a word on Episode 7.
Punch it, Chewie!

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Form VI – Niman

“For superior balance, use the Niman Form. This Form has no specific strengths, but no weaknesses, either.”

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Form V – Shien/Djem So

‘I prefer more straightforward tactics.’

‘Master of understatement’

-Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Form V explored! Read it here!

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Form IV – Ataru

“Form IV, also called Ataru, is the most acrobatic Form, filled with numerous elaborate moves, and relies heavily upon a Jedi’s ability to run, jump, and spin using the Force.”