Well then, here we have the creatures responsible for birthing sweet life into all that is Troll Magazine.

These individuals exist solely to bring you a little taste of both Fantasy and Freedom, from the far reaches of the great beyond. Really, they do. With weapons of untold power, knowledge of every beastie known to the Multi-verse, and the sarcasm to back it all up. These ladies and germs know what it is that you want most in this life, or in the blackened un-life.

With the palpable darkness of The Kill Sessions and witty/gritty humour of the famous, or rather, the infamous Tabbard Lark, the PROFOUNDLY TALENTED and RIDICULOUSLY GOOD-LOOKING writers of Troll Magazine bring forth their creations with their fresh voices, their characters realized by the SUBLIMELY GIFTED and INCOMPARABLY ENTHUSIASTIC artists who possess a lot of free time.

Buuut! Before we get into any of that,

“You must gather your party before venturing forth.

The Founding Council

Gabriel  Francis

Gerald Dhunrajah

Grant Smuts

Mia Arderne


The Art Department

Chris  Maclean

Ernest De Wet

Jayce Janse van Rensburg


The Noble Contributors

Logan De Mink


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