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Troll Magazine Star Wars Edition

Troll Magazine is back!!! IT’S OUR STAR WARS SPECIAL EDITION. Strap in, yourself and your droid, and GET READY!
Star Wars fanfiction, a deathmatch between two of its biggest badasses, Star Wars gaming, How To Build Your Own Lightsaber, Trivia on Jedi and Sith, a profile on Kylo Ren and a word on Episode 7.
Punch it, Chewie!

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TROLL Magazine Issue 7

New look, new badassery! TROLL Magazine is back, ready to pummel your face with awesomeness. This month DC strikes back! We hit you with the Suicide Squad starter kit, wade in on Batman throughout the years and enjoy the Death Of Superman. And there are some new fantasy and sci-fi short stories to enjoy. TROLL Magazine, it’s better than sex and free like herpes! (the uncensored version of the magazine is available on the website. Censorship is very 1984, Yumpu)