One of Troll’s founding members is about to launch his own fantasy novel. What follows is his account on the origin of one of his major villains. Enjoy!

Where The Gods Lie Dreaming

by Grant Smuts

Every story has a villain. This one’s mine.

The Forgotten House of Callister

Born Sheoul of the house of Callister, Morvannon enjoyed an easy early life in the city of Fyrisia. A studious young man, he often butted heads with his elder brother, who was swiftly winning renown as a champion duellist, and his father, a war hero. Despite disagreeing with the other men in his household, he was close to his mother, who shared his quiet disposition.

Encouraged by her to follow his own path, regardless of his father’s will, he left House Callister – and his right to inherit any titles – to enter the Monastery of The Hidden, a quasi-religious order devoted to uncovering the mysteries of magic.

Time in the Monastery

Entering the esoteric school, Sheoul soon found that he had a natural aptitude for magic and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming…

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