Most of the heroes on our list till now will spark the memory to a certain extent, but here’s one that most won’t recognize – the Queen of Almeracia is

no. 2 – Maxima


Powers and Abilities:

  • Super strength
  • Super durability
  • Super speed
  • Psionic abilities
  • Limited Telepathy


Originally introduced as a Superman villain, Maxima eventually showed herself to be one of Earth’s best defences as she strove to find peace with her former enemy, and proved herself to be one hell of a fighter against none other than frickin Doomsday!

Origin and Synopsis

The queen of the planet Almerac, the fiery-tempered Maxima came to Earth in search of a suitable mate to sire her heir. On Earth, they found someone worthy – Superman, and she told him that she could give him what no human could – children.

Superman refused her – Supes had ‘no desire to father despots’. To say that Maxima was infuriated would be an understatement. “Hell hath no fury”, and all that, but when you have someone who can match blows with Superman, it becomes scary (or even scarier).

During this time, she briefly joined the Justice League (serving more or less as a proto-Wonder Woman), and it was there where she proved herself as a powerful warrior, being one of the few members on the entire team to do any damage to Doomsday. Maxima fought without restraint and without fear, even after Doomsday cowed everyone else on the league (including both “Bloodwynd”, who was really the Martian Manhunter, and Superman). Doomsday had taken out the rest of the League by the time the queen of Almerac appeared on the scene.

Maxima laying the smackdown on Doomsday. “Ka-pow” indeed.

The menace of Doomsday found a fearless adversary, and Superman, a part of the tussle, was more worried about Maxima doing more damage in her efforts to stop the beast.


Unfortunately, Maxima was knocked out by an explosion she caused, leaving Superman to fight Doomsday alone… and we all know how that ended.

After Superman’s (inevitable) resurrection, Maxima, having been part of several superhero teams (including Captain Atom’s Extreme Justice team), she returned to pursue Superman, hoping that her good deeds might have changed his mind. Superman turned her down again, this time because he was with Lois Lane.

Maxima was pissed.

After going back to her homeworld, determined to have her revenge, however, things on her homeworld soon shifted her priorities.

Maxima would eventually return for one more fight with Superman.

When she encountered Superman and Green Lantern trying to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Pluto, she initiated a battle, full of wounded pride. After conceding a loss, however, she revealed why she had truly returned – the force known as Imperiex had conquered her world, and she had allied herself with Darkseid’s son, Grayven, to take her people far away. She promised an alliance with Superman when Imperiex would come for Earth – a promise she would eventually keep.

Ultimately, Maxima kept her promise, allying herself with both Earth and Apokolips to defeat Imperiex.

Maxima would give her life to protect the entire universe, when she sacrificed herself and her ship against Brainiac’s Warworld, whose weapons might have undone all of the the reality of that universe were it not for her.



  • The Justice League that stood against Doomsday did not include Wonder Woman, but Maxima, considered Wonder Woman’s equal in ability, fulfils her role in the League and in the battle, acting without fear even when Superman expresses concern over Doomsday’s increasing power and viciousness.

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