by DB Barrett

Form VII – Juyo

Six there were for generations of Jedi. The seventh is not well-known. Powerful form it is. Deadliest of all. But dangerous it is, for its master as well as its opponent.


Form VII, also known as Juyo and the Ferocity Form was the last of the 7 classic lightsaber Forms, and was, by far, the most vicious of all.

Juyo, the deadliest of the seven Forms.

In time, a new variant of the Form was created by Mace Windu and Sora Bulq – a form known as Vaapad, which sought to balance out the inherent Dark nature within the Form.


I accept only a handful of students – handpicked according to my personal standards – each year. Never again will I permit the widespread use of this form after the events of the last Sith War, when Juyo provided the trigger for Jedi to sink into butchery and join the ranks of the Sith.

Both variations of the Form, Juyo and Vaapad, utilized bold and direct movements. Form VII expended more energy than other forms due to its broader focus and deeper utilization of emotion. A Form VII user was said to appear calm on the exterior but experienced intense emotional pressure. It is the tranquil fury of the thundercloud, the turmoil of the Ferocity form.

Because of its reliance on emotion, its usage became restricted in the Jedi Order, as masters feared that its concepts would lead practitioners to the Dark Side.


I created Vaapad to answer my weakness: it channels my own darkness into a weapon of the light.

-Mace Windu

Vaapad was described as more than a fighting style; it was a state of mind that led through the shadow of the dark side, requiring the user to enjoy the fight, and relish the satisfaction of winning.


The practitioner of Vaapad would accept the fury of their opponent, transforming them into one half of a superconducting loop, with the other half being the power of darkness inherent in the opponent. In this way, the Jedi frees himself from the darkness of the battle, making victory the end-point. It was intended to be the answer to Juyo’s natural bloodlust. However, balancing these emotions proved to be a difficult proposition, even for those who created it – they knew they walked a very narrow line.

Mace Windu and Sora Bulq were the creators of Vaapad, but Sora Bulq fell to the Dark Side, prompting Mace Windu to hunt him down. At the very end, though Juyo was still prevalent in the galaxy, Mace Windu was the only practitioner of the Vaapad variation.


The deadliest lightsaber form, Juyo possessed its share of weaknesses. The trick, of course, is finding an opening in the endless stream of attacks.

  • The Form sacrifices much to offence, leaving the wielder vulnerable to Force-based attacks.
  • Theoretically, a Soresu master could outlast a Juyo practitioner, counterattacking when the energy-consuming opponent begins to tire out. In practice, however, the absolute viciousness of this Form is often able to overwhelm Soresu’s defences.

Notable Practitioners

Mace Windu: Creator of the Vaapad variation of Juyo, regarded as the most powerful lightsaber duellist in the Order after his mastery of this form.

“For the Order and the Republic, I will give anything and everything, including my life.” And he did just that.

Darth Maul: A master of Juyo, trained in this deadly form by Darth Sidious himself. Darth Maul dedicated himself to Form’s physical focus, desiring a purely physical victory over his opponent, whereas other Sith usually tried to emotionally wear down their opponents as well.

“You may have forgotten me, but I will never forget you. You cannot imagine the depths I would go to to stay alive, fueled by my singular hatred for you.” Darth Maul’s return caused Obi Wan Kenobi and all Star Wars fans, to collectively and simultaneously crap their pants.


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