by DB Barrett

Form I – Shii-Cho

It is simple, and its simplicity is strength.”

Shii-Cho, the Way of the Sarlacc, or simply Form I was the first and oldest of the seven main lightsaber forms, developed from traditional swordsmanship with basic metal blades. The style was extremely formal, relying on the basics of combat, as the lightsaber had not yet been defined as the characteristic weapon of the Jedi, and was still an experimental tool.

Shii Cho is wild and raw, relying on deliberate tactics, and aimed at disarming, rather than injuring foes.

Shii-Cho is aimed at target zones, focused on examining the body’s positioning to reliably create counters and parry strikes, retaining the skill and ability of traditional swordsmen.

FormI-TJPBecause of its very basic form, most other lightsaber forms are considered more useful, although many Jedi encourage using its most useful tactics in tandem with their own preferred styles.


I should have gone closer to the edge. Released myself into the Force, become more unpredictable, more random. It is the way of Form I”

-Jedi Master Kit Fisto

Shii-Cho fostered a mindset of passion and focus, an interplay between the light and dark side of the Force, requiring great restraint to not execute lethal combat manoeuvres. Despite the pull to kill, Jedi focused on the basic swordplay elements to merely disarm. The wide arcs encouraged by this style was made to cut down on the angles of

Shii-Cho’s broad, sweeping movements were engineered to battle multiple opponents, and they tended to suffer against those who used Forms more suited to one on one lightsaber duels.

Shii-Cho, though useful, faced glaring weaknesses against skilled lightsaber duellists, and it was for this reason that it slowly gave way to Form II, with the rise of Sith Lords in the galaxy.


Notable Practitioners:

Jedi Master Kit Fisto – specialized in this form and mastered it.He kicked all kinds of ass with it, even besting Grievous in single combat during the Clone Wars. Sadly, even his mastery was no match for revealed power of Darth Sidious.



The Smiling Knight, Kit Fisto

Jedi Weaponmaster Cin Drallig – Mastered this form, in addition to the other seven. When the day came, however, even his skill was no match for the brutal ability of Darth Vader, on the day of Order 66.

The former Chuck Norris of the Jedi Order, before he got “Vadered”.


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