We saw the dawning of another sun.

Virulent and vibrant, terrible and wonderful, revealing with its second light colours the world had never dreamed of. We told them stories, stories of worlds disclosed by that second light, of the realm of fantasy. And the world looked upon it and marveled at what it revealed to them, sights and shapes and shadows and thoughts that had no meaning before. And they wondered where it came from, and who had created it.

But we saw the dawn, and how it began in the palms of our hands. We saw the radiance, and how what they perceived was first blinding in our minds.

Let them say it began here.

Troll Magazine is an initiative by aspiring artists and writers to reveal the world of fantasy. We will post an online magazine every month, free to download in pdf format, wherein we tell original short stories and reveal to the world the elements of fantasy.
Original short stories, like the Kill Sessions and the Tale of Tabbard Lark, supplemented by artwork from a talented and enthusiastic group of artists.
We also recount famous legends and giants in the field of fantasy, everything from authors to movies and video games. Reviews, previews, uselessly useful trivia and things that’re just so awesome that we have to share it.

We’re passionate about fantasy, and we hope to infect the world with our madness.

So get your issue of Troll Magazine.

Come, and live in our world.

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